Money Talks: The Scum Behind DLSU Ticket Sales

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

These are the words that made Michael Douglas’ character, ruthless and legendary Wall Street player Gordon Gekko, memorable in the 1987 film Wall Street. Though anyone who has seen the film (And I insist that it needs to be seen, especially in this modern age) knows how it ends. And seeing how I haven’t been writing for over a month, I thought I’d take this bit of free time to write about something I discovered to day in school: Scalpers.

Scalpers are basically people who help ticket distributions of events by buying a number of tickets and selling them to students for faster and more convenient distribution. I’ve worked as a ticket agent before for the Xavier School Variety Show back in 2008, and believe me when I say that scalpers were a big help for me back then. Not only did they help me get a front row seat for the “Varie” but I got a lot of positive feedback about the scalpers. They sold a lot of tickets for very negotiable rates, but not to the point where it was detrimental to me, them, or their customers.

Unfortunately, I was told about a different brand of scalpers: The types that buy a bunch of tickets and sell them to students at insane prices. A saying goes, “There’s always that one guy…” Sadly, that one guy turned out to many, who seem to get a kick out of selling patron tickets, which are normally at Php250, for twice and sometimes more than 4x the regular price. So imagine paying 1K for a 250-peso ticket, and you generally grasp the enormity of the situation.

I didn’t have the best grades when I took Economics in my High School Senior Year, but I do know this: Price is inversely proportional to Demand. What this means is that if the price of a certain item, in this case, a ticket worth Php250, shot up to Php1,000 or more, then the demand for said product would decrease. More people would just opt out of buying tickets if the price was more than the item was worth. And it is no wonder to me that UST’s crowd stomped ours when they strictly prohibit scalpers. It’s unfair for those who want to get the experience to watch the game live minus the burden of shelling out more cash for a supposedly fair-priced ticket. And if I’m not mistaken, what these scalpers are doing is hoarding tickets, cheating people, and stealing from them by ripping them off. All of these are punishable by law, again if I am not mistaken.

Thankfully as I’m typing this, the matter is being investigated and settled, and I do hope this matter ends swiftly and justly. I’m not the type that watches UAAP frequently, let alone live. I tend to have this curse where the team I root for loses whenever I watch. But I am a fan of basketball and will root for Jeron Teng any day (Xavier Pride, people. He used to be my batchmate in High School.). I just want to enjoy reading about the game’s progress on Twitter minus the bullshit and ballyhoo.

See those bits of green? Those are LaSallians. True, this is UST's crowd, but the DLSU side isn't really much different. Thanks, scalpers. Source: Prudon, K. (Photographer). (2013, October 03). 2013.10.02 - DLSU vs UST [MBB - Finals Game 1] [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

See those bits of green? Those are LaSallians. True, this is UST’s crowd, but the DLSU side isn’t really much different. Thanks, scalpers.
Source: Prudon, K. (Photographer). (2013, October 03). 2013.10.02 – DLSU vs UST [MBB – Finals Game 1] [Web Photo]. Retrieved Oct. 3, 2013 from


4 thoughts on “Money Talks: The Scum Behind DLSU Ticket Sales

  1. Good read. One thing though, remember that thing we learned about elasticity in Econ? People are actually willing to pay four times the original price just to watch a game live (followed by slight sadness when they realize that they wasted money). Hope to get an update from you about this! See you around campus, brother!

    • Hey man! I think I remember something about that, now that you mentioned it. And I realize how elasticity can be used for more than their worth. I get paying 500 for a 250 peso ticket. But more than that (like…800+ for 250-peso tickets) just seems like a foolish thing to commit to. Yeah, you get to watch live, but weigh your options as well, is what I’m trying to say.

      But I’m not one to judge, though. If you’re really willing to spend that much, then by all means have fun. It’s not something I’d invest in, but that’s just me.

      See you around, bro! Thanks for reading!

    • Hi there! Thank you for sending me this picture I seem to have overlooked. Though I ask you to compare this to the magnitude of the UST crowd, but if the photo I used put the DLSU crowd in the wrong light, then I apologize.

      Thank you again!

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