Children of the Cord

My kingdom for a horse.

First off, I want to mention that what I’m about to say is my opinion. I have no right to dictate how a child should be raised and how a parent raises their spawn. So while it astonishes me that I love in a world where I have to make that disclaimer, if you’re the type that’s easily offended by opinion, then stop reading NOW.

From the time I was a toddler to when I’m a turning-20 man right now, I’ve never been into technology. The closest thing I have to a fancy gadget is my phone. My cameras? Dad’s. Laptop? Sister’s. Being born in the 90’s the things that entertained me when I was a kid were LEGOs, dinosaur books, Tamiya model kits, RC cars, the occasional cartoon, Sunday comic strips, and playing OUTSIDE.

Sadly, LEGOs, dinosaur books, Tamiya model kits, RC cars, the occasional cartoon, Sunday comic strips, and playing OUTSIDE have been replaced by Temple Run, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, 2Fuse, Dumb Ways To Die, and Flappy Bird. Somehow, being a kid went from conquering imaginary kingdoms with sticks to getting latched onto a gadget the moment little Tyrone or baby Keisha popped out of their mom’s box.

I have no right to judge you as a parent, but I do wish to know why a someone would bestow upon a child an iPhone or a tablet before anyone’s even sure he’s potty trained or mastered tying his shoelaces by himself. I want to know why any self-respecting parent would anoint their hellspawn with a gadget before she learns how to color inside the lines. I want to know why a parent would rather distract a child with pixels and a screen rather than send them outside to LIVE A LIFE.

I understand that we’ve reached the digital age where just about everything under the sun is online, and we’re most likely two inventions short of pretty much printing our food and being able to eat them when they’re fresh out of the printer. But sadly, it’s escalated to where giving children expensive gadgets isn’t a PRIVILEGE, it’s a RIGHT.

See, when I was growing up, I wasn’t just given things willy-nilly, I had to EARN them. The very first gadget I ever got was an Olympus camera, because I got 2nd honors during first grade. After that, it was 5 whole years without any fancy gadgets because I let my grades slip and caused trouble in school. It wasn’t until  I wasn’t just given shit, I had to essentially pay for them in my academics. The gadgets I have now? They’re not rights, they’re REWARDS.

I repeat (once again), I have no right to dictate how a parent should raise their child. I can only make suggestions. So here goes: How about you take that iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Note, and Google Glass away from your kid and send him outside with a basketball and tell him to shoot some hoops. Put her in some fitting clothes and send her to dance or ballet class. Put the twins in gis or boxing gloves and find someone to teach them self defense. Instead of raising a drone, why don’t you raise a HUMAN BEING? Go do that so you’re not one of these poor excuses for parents worrying and wondering why their little Jimmy isn’t as sociable as you wanted. Well gee, Mom and Dad. Jimmy seemed to be such an adventurous, outgoing, boisterous little boy with all those hours he’s been huddled in the corner, face buried so far into that iPad screen he’s French kissing the Apple logo on the back of it.

Don’t raise a drone, raise a little boy or girl. The world’s brainwashed as it is. Let them go outside and live their lives. They’ll stumble and fall sometimes, but that just comes with the package of being a kid (Hell, being a human being.). They’re only kids for so long, and in no time at all they’ll be looking for a college, earning a degree, and raising kids of their own. So make sure they make the most of BEING KIDS. The fancy trinkets and gadgets? They’re not RIGHT. They’re PRIVILEGES and REWARDS. That iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Note, and whatever else you’ve probably got your child obsessed into right now? THAT’S what CAN (and SHOULD in times of failure) be taken away from them (until they improve themselves), not their childhood.

If this doesn’t happen NOW, then who’s truly failed here? The kid for being thrust into gadgets at 3 years old? Or the parent for raising a brainwashed robot, not a child? I want to know, can you show it? I want to know about these children of the cord.


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