Hazing: It Takes Two To Tango

The usual premise applies: These are just my opinions, what I say is just what I personally think, blah, blah, blah…Quite frankly if you’re a regular reader, (in which case I am so sorry.) you should already know by now that I’m NOT someone you should be taking your social cues from.

In the midst of the chaos and ballyhoo of everyday life, one news story that stood out was one a student of a nearby college from where I study, who last week was one of the unfortunate victims of a fraternity hazing ritual that ultimately led to his death. As I type this, investigations are allegedly underway and people are changing their profile pictures and Sharing statuses in protest of frat hazing.

In my opinion though, I’m pretty sure there’s a two-way strait that most people aren’t seeing.

I don’t know him personally. I don’t know how he thinks and how he acts. All I know is he was a college student and a former ROTC guy. But I’ve also never pledged to a fraternity. And believe when I say I’ve been invited, and have blissfully declined. So while I am saddened at the idea of someone becoming a victim of something as pants-on-backwards stupid as joining a fraternity or sorority, quite frankly I also have no sympathy for anyone gullible enough to join and unable to figure out for themselves that anyone doing anything that even seems like a hazing ritual is not someone who one should be associating with.

Don’t get me wrong though. I HATE the idea of fraternities and sororities. I have no desire to associate with anyone involved in fraternities or sororities because I feel that their ideas of unity and belonging is backwards and their “tests” are just their means of taking their day out on random strangers. Likewise, I also have little to no sympathy for anyone dumb (And yes, I will use the term DUMB.) enough to not figure out that taking a paddle to the ass from anyone aside from your parents when they punish you for doing something bad, or taking any cumbersome object to the nether-regions is NOT A GESTURE OF COMPANIONSHIP.

And I know I’ll most likely get a bombardment of comments saying, “Well, it’s not that easy to just say NO.”, “What about peer pressure?”, and “Don’t generalize frats, sororities, and/or people who join them.” A couple of things:

1.) Is really IS easy to just say NO. Just do that moron thing most people seem to neglect: THINK!!!
2.) I have this saying, and it’s a twisted version of a classic quote: “A person is only as good as the company they keep.” If your current friends are the types that would take a hot poker to the rump or doing anything dangerous for the sake of “fitting in”, then maybe you should entertain this crazy idea of finding new friends (I know, crazy right?)
3.) No, I will NOT stop generalizing. I think that fraternities and sororities are disgusting groups who try to hide their barbarism through wearing a mask, and I also think that anyone who tries to join is just gullible and should understand just what they’re getting into. And anything contrary is just exceptions to the rule in my book.

I refuse to buy into a culture whose idea of “belonging” is a hazing ritual, and I also don’t buy into anyone’s excuse for joining such ilk. Please, just THINK. It saves lives. Especially yours.


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