Seeing Double

It’s a funny thing, all members of society seem to want to be equal and accepted. It seems that everyone just wants to live in a utopia where everyone is the same no matter the color of skin, religious belief or sexual orientation.


There seems to be a glaring flaw in everyone’s viewpoint when it comes to social acceptance and it’s come to my attention as a member of today’s generation looking at the structure of today’s generation that one major flaw is the double standard. Whether it’s about race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. People always hate generalizations unless they’re part of a positive grand sweeping generalization. I’m not going to get into race or religion I’m not exactly in a position to discuss that type of stuff. What I want to talk about hits way more close to home for me as a man.

Let’s start with the recent Bench “Naked Truth” Fashion show. And no, I’m not going to discuss Arnold Van Opstal’s washboard abs. I’ll leave that to “dignified” news programs that seem to consider things like Derek Ramsay taking a piss or what Ryzza Mae Quinto had for breakfast this morning as legitimate news stories. I’m going to discuss the “controversy” of Coco Martin and his Pet. For those that have been spared from the lunacy, let me ruin your solace. Coco Martin participated in the Bench show with a woman on a leash walking on all fours like a dog. Now while I’m sure those who didn’t have a problem with it found it entertaining or artsy, the feminists and the white knights who somehow lost the ability to change the channel or turn off the TV, to put it respectfully, collectively lost their shit.

On the left: A symbol of misogyny and degradation to women. On the right: ...?

On the left: A symbol of misogyny and degradation to women. On the right: …?

Now I’m not saying what Coco Martin did was right. Quite frankly, it’s not my thing and as a person with at least half a brain stem I didn’t even watch the damn show. But let’s be honest here the ONLY reason why he’s in this much hot water is because it’s a WOMAN on a leash. And I’m sure that there are feminists and/or guys that decided to be smart and just change the channel or turn off the telly. But in for a penny, in for a pound since we’re generalizing already let’s press on. If the roles were reversed THIS WOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE. In fact I’m willing to bet that if the roles were reversed it feminists would have twisted it into some example of female empowerment.

Oh and here’s a video of Sharon Osbourne laughing about a guy who got his manhood cut off by his wife. Because if it was a story about a woman getting her vagina mutilated by a man there would be Hell on Earth.

Once again, I’m not saying what went down was right, and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get upset. But get consistent. If people are going to go after what female degradation, then go after male degradation as well. Quit being phonies about it and get equal. Also, if what’s being shown on TV or being broadcasted in media doesn’t suit your taste? Don’t watch. Simple as that. I don’t like horror movies, therefore I didn’t watch The Conjuring. I don’t like concerts, so I don’t go to them. My friends and I despise fashion shows, so we didn’t watch the Bench Fashion Show. And guess what? If enough people bucked up and turned off their TVs and livestreams, or if they changed the channel, any smart businessman would change the product due to unpopularity or go away entirely. Consider it the same way as heckling a live performance. If you don’t like it, LEAVE.

And before you give me the, “Well, it’s just not a level playing field.” argument, think about this: You don’t put out a fire by starting your own.

Done calling me a misogynist and a sexist? You actually made it to the end of this blog post? Good for you! here’s a video of bacon sizzling as a reward.


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